Teeth are one of the most noticeable characteristics of a person’s face. We can communicate a lot through a smile, or lack of one. Unfortunately, yellow stains often keep people from smiling as often as they would like. These stains left over from food and drinks can make even the nicest teeth look hideous. Here is what teeth whitening can do for your oral hygiene and self-confidence.

Oral Hygiene

It is a common misconception that teeth whitening harms teeth in the process. Many people are inclined to think there is little to no dental or hygienic benefit to the process. However, teeth whitening has been found to enhance not only the health of teeth but also oral hygiene overall. First and foremost, the stains on teeth that are removed during whitening are from foods. Whitening doesn’t damage tooth enamel and increase sensitivity like some people tend to believe. Instead, teeth whitening is simply a cosmetic procedure that helps to improve the surface of your teeth. With the stains gone and other marks gone, teeth are cleaner overall. This is an important component of oral hygiene at large.


Teeth whitening works wonders for an individual’s self-confidence. There is nothing more embarrassing than having stains and a yellow tinge to your smile. This can lead people to stop smiling or avoid social interaction altogether. Teeth-whitening can restore confidence by allowing a person to smile freely once again. White teeth also provides people with extra confidence in social situations regarding professional-life and business. This confidence can mean the difference between succeeding in an interview and landing that dream job. A famous psychology study found that even forcing a smile can lead to an increase in happiness and confidence. Smiling will only increase with the improvement that teeth whitening provides.


Another misconception about teeth whitening is the cost. Many people are convinced that the procedure will be a considerable investment. Others make the mistake of relying on cheap alternatives to professional care. In reality, professional teeth whitening can be found at an affordable price. Local and reputable dental professionals such as Blue Apple Dental can be found everywhere.

Teeth whitening procedures have the ability to increase self-confidence and improve oral hygiene. With yellow stains, many people shy away from smiling or interacting socially altogether. However, a transformative whitening can lead to more smiles and an boost in confidence. There is nothing more precious than maintaining a clean, white smile.

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