Food Frights What to Avoid for Sensitive Teeth

Living with sensitive teeth can be unpleasant. You could start to feel intense pain that lasts for minutes at a time, after eating just a small bite. Sensitivity can occur when your tooth enamel gets worn down. Your teeth could become more sensitive over time, if you do not see a dentist and make some lifestyle changes. You should avoid several foods when you have sensitive teeth. Take a look at this list to see if you have any offenders here.

Hot Foods

You are going to want to avoid very hot foods and drinks when your teeth are sensitive. This includes things like hot tea or coffee. Do not eat meals immediately after they come out of an oven, pan, or microwave. Hot foods and drinks can cause a dull ache when first eaten that escalates to sharp pain. You will need to allow these foods to cool down and become warm before you try to eat them.

Cold Foods and Beverages
Cold foods and beverages can cause intense and persistent pain as soon as they touch your teeth. Avoid things like ice cream and other frozen treats. Do not drink beverages in cups filled with ice. Stay away from sodas or bottle water that has been sitting in cold refrigerator for some time. If you do need a glass of cold water, drink it slow, and avoid your teeth all together.

Acidic Foods
Acidic foods can hurt your teeth in two ways. They can cause pain when eaten, and can also make your sensitivity worse by stripping away protective enamel and proteins in your teeth over time. Some acidic foods include soda, citrus fruits, and salad dressings containing vinegar. Vegetables like tomatoes and escarole are highly acidic. You will also want to stay away from things like pickles, canned artichokes, and sauerkraut that contain large amounts of acidic vinegar.

Overly Hard Foods
Eating very hard foods can cause pain when you have sensitive teeth. You mainly want to avoid chewing on things like ice or hard candies. You will also want to stay away from breads with hard crusts. You might have to avoid crunchy vegetables like carrots depending on how sensitive your teeth are. Hard foods can cause damage to your teeth that will increase your sensitivity. Talk to your Calgary dentist about how to better strengthen your teeth, or if you’ll need some repair done to eat harder foods again.

Sweet Drinks and Treats

The final foods to avoid are sweet drinks and treats. These include things like sticky candies, sodas, and sugary baked goods. The sugar can trigger pain in your teeth, if you’ve had enamel completely stripped away. It also promotes bacterial growth and tooth decay that will require you to see a dentist or C U Smile orthodontist at some point.

You can manage sensitive teeth so you feel less pain during the day, and staying away from these foods and drinks will allow you to assemble meals that do not trigger your sensitivity. A little planning can make living with sensitive teeth much easier.


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