Brushing and flossing your teeth should be a part of a morning and evening routine. This probably shouldn’t be news to you. Dentists and doctors alike recommend that you brush and floss twice a day to keep your teeth and gums healthy. But it may be news to you that not only does taking care of your teeth help your gums, but there are other long-term health benefits. With proper teeth cleaning, you could be at a lower risk for an early death. What follows are five specific ways cleaning your teeth can help you be more healthy overall:


1. Keeps Your Ticker Healthy

Cleaning your teeth can reduce your risk of a heart attack. Studies conducted in different areas of the world have shown that people who don’t brush their teeth regularly are seventy percent more likely to develop heart conditions and diseases. In asking multiple Indianapolis dentists, they maintain that a healthy smile is key to an overall healthy lifestyle.


2. Reduces Risk of Stroke

Regular teeth cleaning also reduces the risk of stroke. When your gums become inflamed due to gum disease, you’re more susceptible to issues like blocked blood vessels. These factors can all lead to an increased risk of strokes, brain damage, and early death.


3. Never Forget To Brush Again

Cleaning your teeth can help to preserve your memory. Studies have shown a fascinating correlation between poor memory performance and adults with gingivitis. Those without gingivitis who were given the same memory tests performed much better. Getting into the habit of brushing your teeth now might prevent both gingivitis and later memory loss!


4. Immunity Boost

Cleaning your teeth boosts your immune system and reduces your ultimate risk of infection in other areas of your body. Rheumatoid arthritis and gum disease have been linked in some studies. Dentists and scientists have stated that the progression of both RA and gum disease is similar, with tissues being methodically destroyed in the same manner. If you regularly brush and floss your teeth, you’re at less risk for early tooth decay—and you might be at less risk for diseases like RA, too.


5. Blood Sugar Stability

Cleaning your teeth stabilizes your blood sugar. This is great news for both diabetics and those who simply need to keep their blood sugar steady. Oftentimes people with diabetes develop gum disease. Good oral hygiene can help prevent this and may make it easier to keep blood sugar levels stable.


It may not cure everything that ails you, but it’s essential that you brush and floss your teeth twice a day. There are many overarching health benefits besides the immediate protection of your teeth. In addition, you’ll have a whiter smile, a more positive attitude, and a cleaner feeling mouth.

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