Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have dental insurance, it is important to make sure that your dentist will be covered in your plan. Some dental plans will only cover specific treatments with certain dentists. It is important to make sure that you are getting the best value for your specific plan, as dental procedures can be pricey when paid out-of-pocket. According to a General Dentist in St Louis, your insurance company will be able to provide you a list of covered dentist. Five Tips for Finding the Best Dentist in Your Area

Read Reviews on Yelp

Yelp, best known for its reviews of restaurants and auto mechanics, also has extensive consumer reviews of local dentists. A simple Yelp search will yield an extensive range of general dentists with real reviews to cover things like patient treatment, prices, and of course results. With any Yelp listing, of course, there will be a few misleading reviews, but taken as an aggregate you can generally get a good idea about what to expect.

Ask Your Friends/Family/Co-workers

For a more personal review, there’s no beating someone you know and trust like your friends, family, and co-workers. Some dental offices are very small and only treat a handful of patients. Finding out about these dentists is usually a matter of knowing somebody. A dentist, much like a physician, has a long relationship with his or her patients, sometimes lasting for decades. If someone can recommend a St. Louis general dentist that they have been seeing for that long, it is likely a high quality dentist.

Try Out a Few

Dentists, like any other kind of doctor, all have their own individual styles for providing treatment. Some have more stylish offices with TV screens and special sunglasses, while others prefer a more simple, traditional look. To find a dentist that fits you, it might be worth trying out a few different dentists and deciding on which one you prefer. This might mean paying for a few extra check-ups, but it will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Search the Dental Association for Your State

It is worth searching both the American Dental Association’s website, as well as the specific dental association for your state. Here you will find information about the different dentists in your area, as well as consumer reviews, and other pertinent information. Finding the right dentist is often a simple matter of location and office hours.

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