When your baby begins teething, it certainly isn’t just a painful time for your ears. While some toddlers make it through teething rather easily, with little to no problems, others seem to have a terrible time cutting teeth. As a parent, you are likely constantly searching for a way in which you can help your little one through the pain of getting their teeth in. But, before you opt for any specific means to help them with their pain you should know the do’s and don’ts of teething.

Take a look at some of the ways in which you do not want to help your child with their teething pain.

  • Never give your child items that are not intended for teething to chew on – Chewing on anything other than teethers can be dangerous as paint can chip off or items can fall apart and be swallowed or choked on.
  • Do not use alcohol to ease pain – The wrong amount of alcohol can be dangerous for young children.
  • Don’t resent your child for keeping you up – Understand that the crying and screaming is due in part to pain, not having a ‘bad’ baby.
  • Don’t give numbing gels before breastfeeding – Numbing gels can make it difficult to get a proper latch and swallow for your little one.

Take a look at some of the ways that you and your child can make it through teething unscathed.

  • Consider chilling or freezing items they can chew on – Teethers that are frozen can help to numb the area where the tooth is coming in.
  • Use a sugar-free gel specific for teething – Teething gels with sugar can cause their teeth to develop cavities. Your child’s dentist can recommend a good, safe teething gel.
  • Distract them from the pain with toys and attention – Help your child to forget about their pain with extra attention and through interactive play with you and their toys.
  • Massage their tooth with a baby specific toothbrush – There are specific toothbrushes that are meant to help massage gums while brushing that can be used to help your baby. Additionally, the use of an over-finger brush used by mom or dad can help to ease their pain while you cuddle them.
  • Give them extra love and attention – The best way to help your baby through their teething phase is to give them love and attention while they hurt or when they can’t sleep because of the pain. This will let them know that you are there and is more likely to help ease them while they fret.

Teething is a natural part of life that pains each and every baby differently. If you feel there is cause for concern, or simply want the opinion of a professional, you can contact your childrens dentist San Diego for additional advice and tips. Take comfort in the fact that it doesn’t last, and that there are certainly ways to help you and your little one make it through this.

Image source: gladchildhood.blogspot.com

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