Partial and full dentures are two great options for those that would like to restore the form and function of their smile, but some patients may experience discomfort with these dental appliances. Whether it is ill-fitting dentures that cause soreness or slippage along the gums while eating, here is a look at some steps that can be taken to make dentures more comfortable throughout the day.


Ensure a Correct Fit

Dentures are custom made for every single patient, but the gums and jawline will slowly begin to change throughout the year. For those that feel as if their dentures no longer fit correctly, an appointment should be scheduled for a new fitting. No one should ever attempt to alter their own dentures as these devices are exceptionally fragile when not taken care of correctly.


Dry Mouth Products

Chronic dry mouth is one of the most common issues for those with dentures or other dental appliances. The best way to treat dry mouth is with over-the-counter dry mouth products including tooth paste and mouth wash. Anyone wearing dentures should also stick to a rigid oral hygiene schedule to prevent the potential side effects of chronic dry mouth including periodontal disease.


Eating and Speaking

Dentures can be uncomfortable for those that have recently begun wearing them, and this is why patients should take extra care in those first few days and weeks. Most will want to stick to soft foods, chew slowly, take small bites, and use both sides of their mouth at the same time. If any words are particularly hard to pronounce, it is important to practice speaking them out loud as often as possible to adjust to the changes in one’s mouth.


Adhesive and Cleaning Products

Adhesive should never be used to adjust for ill-fitting dentures, but this type of product can help with any minor slippage while eating and speaking. After eating a meal, dentures should be cleaned with a denture brush as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of bacteria. Denture wearers will also want to thoroughly soak their dentures in water or denture solution at least 3 times a week to remove any lingering debris.


Long-Term Relief

Anyone that still finds their removable dentures to be uncomfortable may want to consider more permanent options. Dentures can now be used in conjunction with dental implants for a more secure fit. Dental implant posts from Dr Enrico J Azarko are anchored into the jaw and can then be attached to either partial or full dentures for a more natural feel.


While tooth loss is on the decline, nearly 70 percent of all adults will lose one or more permanent teeth by the age of 44. For these individuals. Dentures and dental implants will help to restore the appearance of one’s smile while allowing them to speak and eat comfortably once again.


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