Denture Details Care Basics for Your First Set

Dentures are a practical and affordable replacement for missing teeth, especially in older age. However, like natural teeth, they require daily care to make them last, and keep them looking good. Here are some basic care tips for your first set of dentures.

How Often do The Need Cleaned?
Dentures must be kept clean to prevent odors, gum inflammation, and bacterial infections. Eastgate Dental Centre experts recommend using the same frequency of cleaning that you’d use for natural teeth. Your dentures should be cleaned at least twice daily and after high-residue meals.

How Do I Clean Them?
Use a soft or medium toothbrush to scrub your dentures, then soak them in a denture solution according to the product’s instructions. Finally, give them one last good scrub, especially on the part that goes over your gums. Take care not to scrub them too hard, as this may damage the dentures. These minute scratches can hold onto stubborn stains and harbor odor-causing bacteria.

What to Avoid
As a Grimsby Dentist says, you should never clean your dentures with any products containing bleach as this can weaken the material and warp the color. It’s also recommended to avoid soaking them in hot or boiling water, which also weakens the dentures.

Special Considerations
If your dentures have soft linings or metal parts, you should ask your dentist before using any standard denture products as these types may require special cleaners and fixatives. For dentures containing metal, cleaners containing corrosive ingredients should be avoided.

It’s generally recommended that you remove your dentures before bed. Failing to do so can cause your gums to become irritated and sore, making it uncomfortable to wear them throughout the day. When you take your dentures out for the night, be sure to place them in water to prevent damage.

Dealing With Stains
Repeated exposure to foods and drinks tends to cause stains on teeth, and false teeth are no exception. Things like cigarette smoke, tea, red wine, coffee, and berries are the most common offenders. Your normal denture cleaning routine is often enough to keep stains at bay, but tougher stains can take more work. Your dentist may be able to take care of this for you.

Visiting the Dentist
Just because you no longer have your natural teeth doesn’t mean you should forgo your regular checkups. Your dentist doesn’t just make sure your teeth are healthy. They also ensure that your gums, cheeks, and tongue are in good condition. Getting regular dental checkups can help catch infections or gum diseases before they become a problem.

Caring for your new dentures can seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it’s not much different from caring for natural teeth. Simply follow the tips above and visit your dental center regularly. This will ensure that your dentures last and are comfortable to use.


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