A good number of people who lose one or more teeth become self-conscious when smiling. Some of them avoid laughing in the presence of family and friends if the gap is noticeable. Missing teeth also cause discomfort and problems to people when eating or speaking. Dentures and dental implants are used to resolve these troubles.

Dentures are appropriate for any person who has lost teeth due to wear and tear, damage, periodontal disease or decay. The dentures are made using cast metal, acrylic base, and porcelain for the tooth element.

Dentures are an ideal solution for patients whose gums are not suitable for dental implants. They are reasonably priced and easier to fit.

Dentures are held in place using adhesives. The process of installing them involves an uncomfortable application method. The pastes are not always reliable because they can cause slipping of the teeth.
When the lower dentures move around, they can result in gum pain and uneasiness. Dentures require regular cleaning and maintenance, and they must be replaced when they wear out.

Dental implants
The implant materials are manufactured using metals that are friendly to the human body. The implants are fitted permanently by attaching them into the bone socket and the jaw. Dental clinics like the NYC Center for Dental Implants provide free consultation and quality implant services to individuals so you can see if implants are right for you. The dental center has a team of highly trained professionals who provide implant assistance at an affordable rate. The aid that is offered at the center includes dental implants, dental implant bridges, implant supported dentures, and implant supported permanent bridges.

Dental implants are comparable to real teeth in appearance, therefore, difficult to notice. Since they do not move when talking, a person’s speech is significantly improved. Individuals who have successfully undergone the implantation procedure do not develop sores. A person’s ability to chew food is also restored because they function like real teeth. Dental implants are known to preserve the bone by inhibiting bone and gum deterioration.

Fitting dental implants is a time consuming and an expensive process. The procedure involves an invasive surgery that may cause severe complications. The problems may include damage to other teeth, prolonged bleeding, infection, nerve damage, jaw fracture and delayed bone healing.

If a person is not sure whether to fit a denture or undergo a dental implant procedure, he should book an appointment with an experienced dental specialist for consultation and accurate diagnosis.

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