Perhaps one of the worst feelings is having a toothache. If bad enough, it can even bring you to tears. A severe toothache can be an indication of something much worse going on in the mouth, such as an abscess or a tooth that is broken. You can take all of the medication that you want, which isn’t really healthy for the body, but if you don’t see a dentist to get to the root of the problem, then it’s all at a loss. Here are some reasons as to why your teeth might be hurting you:

The Black Hole

A small black hole that can be irritating when cold or hot foods invade is a cavity. It can develop anywhere on the tooth. You can sometimes see a cavity if it’s in the right location. This is often easy to fix as long as it’s detected right away. A dentist, such as one from Beck Pearce Dental, will simply drill the cavity out and fill it with a materiel that will keep the tooth together.

Recessed Gums

You’ve been told all your life to brush and floss on a daily basis. Sometimes, you can brush too hard and cause damage to the gums. This can cause a burning sensation when you’re eating or when you’re brushing your teeth. Receding gums can also expose the roots of the teeth, which can lead to sensitivity.

Trauma to the Teeth

If you have been hit in the mouth in any fashion, it can damage a tooth or multiple teeth. You might have a cracked or chipped tooth that needs to be repaired before it completely breaks off. This can cause an abscess or infection if left untreated. If you are hit in the mouth and see any amount of blood or feel that there is a tooth that might be loose, then you need to visit the dentist to get examined. If a tooth has been knocked out, save it in a glass of milk as some teeth can be placed back in the socket.

Grinding or Clenching

If you have headaches or feel tightness in the mouth or jaws, it could be a result of clenching the teeth or grinding them. Many people grind their teeth at night or clench the teeth when they aren’t even thinking about what they are doing. This causes severe pressure on the back teeth and can lead to the enamel wearing away or cracks on the top of their teeth.

Any kind of tooth pain can be an indication of something going on in the mouth that is more than meets the eye. A visit to your dentist to get an x-ray and examination can clearly give an answer as to why you’re experiencing pain. Solve the problem, using preventative tools to avoid the pain in the future.

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