A lot of people think that an infected tooth only affects that one spot. However, doctors know that bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and wreak havoc on the entire body. A good dentist will suggest that you care for the child’s teeth so that you care for the whole body. Learn about the importance of dental care and how it affects your child’s overall health.

Pain and Swelling

The most obvious sign of a tooth infection is pain that varies from minor to unbearable. If the infection spreads, it can infect other teeth and cause pain in surrounding parts of the mouth. Bacteria that enter cuts within the mouth are likely to cause swelling there. The neck has lymph nodes that get infected and create feverish symptoms. The gums are not exempt from getting ruined either. When your child gets an infected tooth, understand the consequences that may affect the whole mouth.


There is a strong link between the body and the mouth. Doctors know that periodontitis has been known to worsen diabetes. A weakened mouth can lead to a weakened body that is less able to control blood sugar. Diabetes patients are not able to process sugar properly. With the addition of periodontal disease, their bodies are inflamed to the point where they cannot use insulin correctly. A fact is that bacteria love to consume the sugar present in the mouths of children who do not brush properly. Adults and children should know about the strong connections between tooth decay, gum disease and diabetes.How Dental Care Contributes to the Overall Health of Your Child

Heart Disease

Doctors know that infected teeth and gums are contributors to heart disease. Many people who have heart disease are likely to have periodontitis as well. Poor oral care, smoking and poor nutrition are the main causes of heart disease. An inflamed mouth is likely to cause inflamed blood vessels that affect the heart region. Bacteria that hit the bloodstream will travel to the rest of the body. Prevent any chance of heart disease by teaching proper oral care to a child.

You as a parent should teach your child about the importance of caring for teeth. An infected tooth is not guaranteed to stay infected in one spot. The bacteria can get swallowed and travel to affect the body’s internal parts. Prevent dental problems early to avoid having your child suffer from diseases later. If you do find a problem, seek treatment as soon as you can. A pediatric dentist in Langley, BC from Amazing Smile Dental has suggested that there are many informative resources for you on teaching your child proper care. You can also call on such dental professionals to chat with your kids about the importance of their teeth to their health. Before you pay for dental surgery, make the effort to use preventative measures for you and your child’s oral care.

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