How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Reconstruct Your Smile

Common sense says that having an attractive smile has a positive impact on a person’s quality of life and their interactions with others. When a person has an attractive smile, they are thought of as intelligent, friendly, and successful. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a perfect smile. Some have resorted to cosmetic dentistry to help build the perfect smile. The benefits of cosmetic dentistry go beyond just aesthetics. In some cases, cosmetic dentistry can improve a person’s health.

Dental Bonding Increases Tooth Strength

Cosmetic dentists will use crowns, tooth replacements, as well as dental bonding as a way to treat damaged or decayed teeth. When a patient has cracked, chipped, or missing teeth, these procedures will repair and strengthen their smile. Having strong, straight teeth makes it easier for patients to chew food and digest food. If properly maintained, these cosmetic procedures can be permanent. They will lead to a strong, healthy smile that a patient will benefit from for a lifetime.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious oral health issue. It can result in bone loss and tooth loss. Cosmetic dentists can use a number of procedures to not only treat infected gums, but also to restore them to their healthy appearance. When not properly addressed, periodontal disease can lead to other serious ailments like diabetes, stroke, and Alzheimer’s.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is an Art

Cosmetic dentists have a firm grasp on the makeup of the human mouth. They understand the medical side of dentistry, but they also have a unique eye for the aesthetics of the human mouth. They are artists. Cosmetic dentists, like those found at the Art of Dentistry Institute, skillfully use porcelain veneers, dental implants, Invisalign dentistry, veneers, and many other products and techniques to craft the perfect smile for their patients.

When Extreme Measures Are Necessary

In some instances, drastic steps must be taken to build a healthy smile. Severe dental decay or severe trauma can lead to a patient needing a complete mouth reconstruction. A complete mouth reconstruction will include rebuilding the majority of the patient’s teeth, repairing their gum line, addressing issues with their jaw, whitening a patient’s teeth, as well as adjusting the size and alignment of their teeth. Customized cosmetic dentistry leaves the patient with a perfect and permanent smile.

Having a beautiful smile is a powerful thing. It opens doors that might not otherwise have opened. Cosmetic dentistry helps people restore their smile, giving them confidence to face whatever life brings.

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