Many people are afraid of going to the dentist or have a fear of getting their teeth worked on. The best dentists are able to manage their patients’ concerns and questions with a reassuring answer and unbiased information. Dentists can also ensure that enough time is spent with each patient to address such concerns. These four tips will help to create a positive patient experience.

Taking Time during Appointments

While dentists need to have a throughput of a certain number of patients in order to stay financially afloat, rushing patients through too quickly causes a bad patient experience. Before starting any treatments or exams, a good dentist should ask the patient if they have any concerns. As the cleaning, procedure or exam take place, the dentist can explain findings and address concerns as they arise.

Returning Calls

The best dentists will return a patient’s after-hours call in a minimum of time. Any after-hours message should explain how soon the patient should expect a return call. If you are going on vacation or to a professional conference, consider providing information for an emergency dentist who is available to cover your patients during your absence. Prompt return of calls helps patients to handle minor emergencies at home and informs them of when an emergency treatment is needed.

Performing Teeth Bleaching

Many patients are concerned about yellow stains on their teeth. These stains develop with personal habits such as drinking coffee, tea, or cola. Eating dark foods such as beets, red cabbage or blackberries can also stain the teeth. Teeth bleaching is a service dentists offer as a way to lift those stains. Bleaching is a popular cosmetic dental procedure sought by patients before a wedding, graduation or another important life event.

Recommendations and Written Information

Patients may have questions about which mouth rinse to purchase or whether to brush first and then floss or floss first and then brush. Dentists, like those at Village Family Dental, can address these concerns during routine appointments. Providing product samples and recommendations or unbiased written information can also help patients to get answers to questions about their oral health.

Dentists are a person’s leading line of defense against a multitude of oral health problems. Regular visits to the dentist can help people to prevent cavities, gum disease and tooth loss. By answering a patient’s questions and concerns, a dentist is able to ensure that the patient will come in for the preventive oral care and treatments needed for optimal oral health.


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