Everyone has been there before. Stuck on a plane or bus ride or even in the office next to a person with bad breath can be one of the most unpleasant social situations to find yourself in.

Should you tell them their breath smells like last week’s potato salad or just try and quell any conversation by feigning sleep or disinterest? It seems whatever you choose to do they continue to talk and fragrance the air and your face with offensive odors.

Or even worse is when you know that you are that guy or gal with the bad breath and others insist on talking to you. Having bad breath can be embarrassing and even detrimental to a person’s life if their career or social habits depend on interpersonal and face to face communication.

Dentists in Cherry Hill, NJ, wish the public to know that, luckily, bad breath can be combated by those who have it through proper dental hygiene practices and by visits to their dentist. But before learning the steps to defeat bad breath, it is important for people to understand what causes bad breath.

Ruthlessly wicked odors that come from a person’s mouth are the result of inflammation within the mouth due to a build of bacteria that has not be removed. Bacterium builds up in person’s mouths when dental hygiene practices are neglected or improperly performed.

The resulting unhealthy mouth sustains inflamed tissues within the mouth and it is this inflammation that typically will give off the bad scented and often sulfuric odor that is generically referred to as bad breath. But everyone has bad breath from time to time; like when a person wakes up in the morning after breathing through their mouth all night, drying the inner surface area of their mouths and getting that disgusting cotton ball breath.

This type of bad breath occurs to everyone from time to time and does not reflect the condition of bad breath as defined above. While many people suffer from chronic bad breath, not every person who has the occasional unflattering odor emanating from their mouths need to take the added precautions and measures to fix the problem.

To find out truly if having bad breath is a problem you will have to deal with specifically, ask a close friend or family member specifically if you have chronic bad breath. They, unfortunately for them, will definitely know whether you do or not.

Your Dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ, will also be able to honestly tell you if your breath is an area of concern. Bad breath is indicative of more serious problems as well and your dentist will be able to diagnose if your bad breath is coming from a lack of dental hygiene or from something more serious.

Such internal conditions as diabetes, bronchitis, acid reflux, lever disease, and respiratory tract infections are more serious health conditions that can cause bad breath and should be diagnosed and treated by medical professionals. Fighting bad breath and regaining the ability to talk to others face to face is as simple as maintaining proper dental hygiene through brushing teeth and flossing regularly.

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