7 Tips for Dental Professionals on Maintaining a Healthy PracticeWith flu season in full swing, it’s a great time for healthcare professionals to evaluate their offices, clinics and practices. This also includes dentists, hygiene assistants and other dental care providers.

Just like other healthcare environments, dental offices should strive for the highest levels of cleanliness. This not only helps prevent the transmission of germs, but a cleaner workplace also means greater client retention. After all, a cleaner office is a much more desirable destination for any patient.

Creating a healthy dental practice benefits everyone – patients, waiting room attendants, hygienists, dentists and more.

At Kerr TotalCare, our goal is create a safe, comfortable environment for the clinician and the patient, which leads to better patient outcomes. Our products include a variety of disinfectant products and single-use accessories, and we also offer a comprehensive knowledge base to promote a healthier workspace. We’re dedicated to improving patient health, including dental patients.

Here are a handful of tips (plus two more) for dental professionals on maintaining a healthy practice.

Deploy hand sanitizers in your office and waiting areas.

Superior office cleanliness starts at the doorstep. Not everyone who walks through your front door ends up in the chair, but office cleanliness can still be compromised. With hand sanitizers in your lobby and waiting area, you’re taking an important step against germs.

Consider every surface.

You use quality surface disinfection products for the clinical contact surfaces in your operatory. But germs can pop up anywhere. Be sure to follow CDC guidelines for the periodic maintenance of noncritical housekeeping surfaces as well.

Replace air filters.

Airborne germs are hard to avoid, but with a sensible filter maintenance program in place, you can help minimize the problem before it starts. Check your filters and replace if necessary.

Don’t cough into your hands.

It sounds elementary, but this simple procedure is an essential tool in the battle against disease. Cough into your arm instead.

Don’t spread it – stay home instead.

If you’re sick, ask for the day off. You’ll feel better, and so will everyone who visits your dental office.

Wash your hands AND arms.

Much like doctors, dental care professionals should wash their hands and arms (all the way up to the elbows) frequently. Improperly washed hands are simply germ-spreading devices.

Keep the lunch / break area clean.

A half-eaten apple on the table is not only unsightly, it’s unhealthy. Common sense maintenance and cleanliness, even away from patient areas, can help your dental office remain a germ-free zone.

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