Five Tips That Help You Deal With Dental AppointmentsDentistry has come a long way, and a visit to the dentist should no longer be a subject of fear or stress. Unfortunately, some people still experience anxiety when it is time for their dental appointment. These few tips should help you prepare for your appointment.

1. Alert Your Dental Provider

Many dental practices pride themselves on their ability to cater to the needs of those who experience dental anxiety. Do not be afraid to let the office know you have this problem, and they will be able to help you through the rough patch.

2. Bring Your Tunes

Have your playlist filled with all your favorite songs, and bring it along with you to the appointment. Turn it up loud, and enjoy your favorite music instead of listening to the drill or other dental instruments. You will find when you have something pleasurable such as music to concentrate on, you will be mush less focused on any pain. Books on tape are also a good choice. If you can find a book you are really interested in, you will become engrossed in that and successfully forget where you are.

3. Medication

If you have already been prescribed a medication for anxiety, you can take that before your appointment to help yourself calm down. While this is not normally a problem, you should definitely let the dental office know if you are taking medication to ensure it does not conflict with anything they may give you during your appointment. If you don’t already have anxiety medication, discuss this with your dental provider, and he should be able to prescribe you something to take before you arrive for your appointment.

4. Meditation, Yoga or Exercise

If any of these things help provide you with a relaxed state of mind, do them before your appointment. Anything that gives you a serene mindset will help you get through your appointment in a much more relaxed way.

5. Get a Massage

Schedule some kind of relaxing spa treatment for just before your appointment. Get a massage, or have a good soak in a hot tub. Even a nice foot rub or a deep cleansing facial could put you in the feeling good zone. If you can get completely relaxed, you should be able to simply sit back and rest during your appointment.

These tips should help you get through your dental appointment with much less stress. Once you are comfortable with your dental provider, you should be able to put these appointments on your list of things to no longer worry over.

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