We all want to do what we can to maintain a bright smile. However, when you suffer with stained or otherwise compromised teeth, it can cause you to feel self-conscious and conceal the expression of some of your most positive emotions. While you likely brush and floss regularly, there are five other tips to employ to help you maintain a sparkling smile.

5 Tips For Maintaining A Sparkling Smile

Cut Out Common Culprits

Everyday there are so many different things that we put in our mouths. A lot of those things actually may cause a lot more damage to your teeth than you thought. Things such as cigarettes, colas, dark juices and gravies can cause our teeth to get stained and start to turn yellow. In order to keep your teeth looking nice and clean you may want to start trying to refrain from some of these things. If these are items you can’t live without, then try to use them more sparingly. If you do you will definitely be able to see a huge difference in your smile. If you consume any of the following, consider limiting or ceasing use completely for the brightest smile:


Use Nature’s Natural Toothbrushes

Just as some foods can have a negative impact on the integrity of your smile, others can have the opposite effect. There are actually quite a few different foods out there that can help you whiten your smile. Some of those foods include: apples, celery, carrots and even popcorn. Other firm and crisp foods can also help you keep your teeth clean.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Another unique thing that can keep your teeth sparkling clean is Apple Cider Vinegar. Who knew!?! This is something that can really help get rid of stains and yellow spots. It is a good idea to gargle apple cider vinegar every morning to start the day and keep your teeth looking great. All of the benefits of apple cider are just incredible. It really can help kill bacteria, remove stains, keep teeth clean and even help prevent diabetes.


Brush With Baking Soda

Baking soda is known to both remove stains and keep your teeth white. Once a week, use it just as you would use toothpaste. This can really help you spruce up your teeth in no time. However, sometimes, if you aren’t careful, there can be negative effects. If you find that it irritates your gums, consider using salt to brush with instead.


Regular Dental Visits

Finally, we left the best for last. In order to really get your teeth looking just the way you want it is essential for you to have regular visits with your orthodontist and dentist. Aside from the fact that they can help you address potential oral health problems, they also have advanced tools to achieve a white smile. Their whitening methods can help you achieve the level of brilliance you deserve. Also, dentists and orthodontists such as those at Waterford Dental can help you figure out which teeth whitening methods would be best for you and your smile.


Light Up the Room

You only have one life to live and it’s important that you don’t spend it feeling ashamed of your smile. You have one chance to maintain your adult teeth, and it doesn’t have to be hard if you do the simple daily things that help keep your teeth happy and healthy.  By following these five simple tips, you can take pride in your ability to light up any room with your smile.

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