5 Things That Will Help Build Your Self ConfidenceThere are plenty of reasons to be critical of yourself in today’s culture of celebrity-like perfection. However, you don’t have to succumb to these ideals. There are plenty of ways to boost your self-confidence in a way that will provide you with a constant positive image of yourself. You can start incorporating these tips today.

Smile More

Psychologist Robert Zajonc conducted a study in 1989 that reveals that people who smile often feel an overall sense of happiness and have a better self image than those who don’t smile. So show off those pearly whites! It’s a great way to increase your confidence and self esteem, and gives off the impression that you’re positive and friendly. If you’re in or near the Layton, UT area, visit your Layton Utah dentist regularly to maintain your winning smile. Cosmetic dentistry is another may also be necessary to straighten your teeth, fill in missing teeth and whiten your smile.

Learn and Perfect a New Skill

Few things are more satisfying than becoming a master at something you love. If there’s a hobby or career your interested in, learn all you can and exhibit your skills often. Make a gourmet meal for your loved ones or learn how to ski. Take a course in a foreign language or pursue the career of your dreams. When you’re fulfilling one of the goals that you’ve always wanted to pursue, and keep trying until you’re successful at it, the sense of accomplishment you feel does wonders for helping you face life with confidence.

Speak Highly of Yourself

This doesn’t mean that you should brag on yourself to others; rather, you should positively affirm yourself daily. Eliminate all negative talk about yourself from your vocabulary. Tell yourself every day that you’re smart, beautiful and capable of doing anything you set your mind to. This is especially important on days when you don’t feel your best. If you speak positively about yourself, to yourself, you’re likely to get out of a funk quickly, while boosting your confidence and keeping your self-esteem intact.

Do Something Kind for Someone Else

If you want to feel better about yourself, do something nice for someone in need. Bring hot meals to the elderly in your neighborhood, or volunteer to read a story to kids at the local library. Send a positive or encouraging text to a friend who preparing for a job interview—or having a hard time finding work. The more you spread positivity to others, the more your confidence will flourish.

Get a Makeover

When you can literally see yourself differently, you’ll feel great about who you are. Getting a haircut, buying new makeup or re-vamping your wardrobe will show the happiness, friendliness and professionalism that you feel on the inside. The way you present yourself to the world dictates the level of confidence you have. When you make the effort to look your best, you’ll achieve the level of confidence you want.

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