5 Reasons Having A Healthy Mouth Should be Your Top PriorityLet’s face it: One of the first things people notice when meeting us for the first time is the mouth. A healthy mouth is an important asset to overall physical health as well as facial attractiveness. Here are five reasons why a healthy mouth should be your top priority.


A mouth conveys expression. Smiling, frowning, or maintaining a neutral expression can all be seen in someone’s mouth. At a glance, we can interpret a person’s mood or attitude by looking at his or her mouth. Pink, full lips without scarring, stains, or wrinkles can convey both health and male or physical attractiveness.


The teeth attract attention. Throughout history, strong, straight teeth have been viewed as an indicator of good health and physical beauty. Even a person’s age can be determined by tooth length, position, and whiteness. Missing, crooked, or discolored teeth are often signs of health issues due to smoking, poor nutrition, or perhaps disease. Inadequate teeth – too few or those that are worn down with overuse or age – can interfere with the digestive process, which begins in the mouth, and lead to other esophageal or gastric problems. Teeth also play an important role in communication; without teeth, it can be hard to clearly speak and be understood.

Soft tissues

The tongue, gums, and soft tissues should be checked periodically. Cold sores, thrush, and even oral cancer can be diagnosed by a professional mouth examination. Sometimes the tongue will exhibit symptoms, like a color change or swelling, that can lead to further testing for additional concerns.


Oral sounds and growths require evaluation. Jaw clicking, dental malformation, and facial tumors in or around the gums can help dental experts find serious, even life-threatening disorders. Ensuring these areas are healthy is an important part of the exam.

Mouth movements may be warnings

Slurred speech, drooping on one side, a receding jaw, and related symptoms could reveal a stroke or similar issue. Schedule a thorough examination by a dental specialist or consult a trustworthy oral surgeon, San Antonio area, to ensure your mouth stays healthy.


Taking care of your mouth will help to prevent problems like these, or lead to early treatment that can have a more successful outcome. If you have any of these problems, or if you want to head off any concerns before problems develop, seek a professional opinion to save time and money, and guard your health.

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