Who doesn’t want a whiter smile? From movie stars to politicians, it’s hard to turn on the television without seeing a beaming set of white teeth glowing back. But what can you do if your teeth are a little less white than you’d like? First, understand that the gradual discoloration of your teeth is a natural process that happens to everyone. Even if you have the best dental hygiene in the world, without a specific teeth whitening regimen, your teeth will inevitably lose their sparkle. So should you resign yourself to a life of off-white teeth? Of course not. Try these 4 simple targeted tips to keep your teeth glowing white.

Cosmetic dentistry

For getting your teeth white in a hurry, there’s nothing better than a quick trip to the dentist. A professional dental bleaching is safe, effective, easy, and can be completed in under an hour – you can even get it done on your lunch break. Cosmetic Dentistry in Pembroke Pines, or a local dentist in your area, can easily turn your smile several shades lighter in just one session. After your session, follow these next tips to keep your smile as white as when you left the dentist’s chair.


Chew sugar-free gum and drink water

These might seem like odd suggestions for a whiter smile – but they aren’t if you consider that, for your teeth, the first line of defense against discoloration is made right in your mouth. It’s your own saliva. Saliva produces chemicals which naturally fight against enamel erosion and decay. Keeping your body hydrated with water, and stimulating your salivary glands with plenty of water, will help ensure that your body is always able to make enough saliva.

Skip the soda

You’re probably already aware that dark colored and acidic drinks will quickly discolor your teeth. Unfortunately, these drinks include many of the most popular drinks among adults, including coffee, soda, and red wine. You might have heard the myth that drinking these beverages through a straw will prevent them from touching your teeth – unfortunately, it doesn’t. If you can taste it, it’s already on your teeth. If you must indulge, rinse your mouth out thoroughly afterwards with water.

Floss regularly

It turns out, your dentist’s favorite admonishment can actually help keep your teeth white, too. Much of the bacteria that causes weak enamel lives between your gums. Keeping your teeth flossed will help prevent bacteria from flourishing, and keep your enamel stronger, preventing discoloration.

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