This website is primarily a blog and news content site featuring the latest information and industry news within the health and wellness field.  Wellness pertains to one’s holistic well being.  It’s more than just being happy.  Wellness involves gratitude and contentment in all aspects of your life including social, financial, medical, emotional, and others.  We’ll feature great articles that can help you reduce stress and find peace despite the world of negativity that exists around us all.

One aspect of wellness is our health.  In fact, our physical and emotional health can affect our overall well-being positively or negatively.  Therefore, we feel it is important to feature tips and information on getting and staying healthy. Taking care of our bodies is probably the first step towards our wellness goals.

The blog does not represent any one individual. And the name D.R. Clouthier is not representative of any actual person. Rather this blog is a collection of writings from individuals across the globe who write on various health topics. While some of the content featured here may be written by actual medical doctors, none of it should not be considered as medical advice. Please consult your physician for medical advice.


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